About Us

Practice Plus is a scientifically designed solution to help student's to improve through the methodology of 'assessment for learning'. It actively engages all stakeholders ranging from students, teachers to parents through a 360° online solution with features like student-practice engine, assessment configurator and detailed analytics that enables students to identify and focus on improvement areas.


1. Facilitates regular and extensive practice of topics based on student's performance.
2. Timely assessments and effective diagnosis of student's strengths & weaknesses.
3. Enables teachers to take informed decisions to improve individual and class Performance.
4. Actively involves parents along with the teachers in the student's learning.


1. Resolves the inadequacy of correct practice resources for students to master concepts.
2. Precisely identifies weaker areas of students and enables specific practice to improve.
3. Healthy reward and progress mechanism to keep students motivated to learn.
4. Enables teachers to adapt to large classrooms and diverse type of students.
5. Actionable analytics for teachers to transform learning data into actionable insights.
6. Results in better performance that helps students and school meet the high expectations of parents.